Centralize Data

VBD-Tracker, a right mobile-based inspecting application, comes with right tools to schedule and follow up on visit and inspections. Moreover, top management will have a 360° view of the inspection activities like inspections, complaints, VBDS conducts prevention, surveillance, control of vector-borne disease and much more. All backed by our guaranteed Service Level, agreements for technical support and software upgrades.

  • Develop and implement statewide vector-borne disease surveillance, prevention and control programs
  • Design and conduct scientific investigations for more knowledge of vector-borne diseases.
  • Coordinate preparedness activities for uncovering and response to introduce vectors and vector-borne diseases.
  • Make use of data to conduct emergency vector control when disease outbreaks occur.
  • Give advice to local agencies on public health issues related to vector-borne diseases.
  • Supervise local vector control contractors or agency activities through a co-operative agreement
  • Make presentations that provide information, training and educational materials to government agencies and the public to prevent vector-borne disease through geo-fenced data.

Our System is mainly designed to strengthen the capability of the department to implement effective and coordinate vector borne disease control activities, either as a focus or as a part of broader disease control activities; however, the main work in VBD department is related to field activity and as a field officer when your job takes you in the field, one needs a complete access to the data without the need of carrying huge files and papers.

  • An automate inspection schedules to eradicate tedious tasks and check on missed health reports.
  • Performing inspections in the field and sync data when you have network connecting (online/offline capabilities).
  • In order to decrease inspection times, simply point and click, choose YES/NO fields through each health report forms/survey forms.
  • Capability to track down service request asked by schools, Anganwadi hospitals and NGO. For example: water sampling, food sampling and fogging.
  • To get better picture of the entire state, you can view data on pin and heat maps.
  • Geo-fenced data of MC Offices, Zone, Wards and more.
  • Get real-time inspection data of fever survey visits with the capability to capture GPS positions of every single visit, photos of patients & visits, cleanliness of water tanks and barrels.
  • Store and communicate notices, violations and notes to senior officers and maintaining electronic record of each case.
  • Allow to print report from anywhere and anytime and email those reports to decrease cost.
  • A complete tracking to analyzing code enforcement activities.
  • Allow communicate with staff by commenting on reporting that will send a notification on their staff’s device through PUSH mechanism.
  • Enable users to attach digital photographs and other electronic docs with report.
  • Permission-based and role-defined workflow management.
  • Track down where health inspector is working on a given day.
  • Numerous statistical and geographical reports generation for fever like malaria, dengue and swine flu.
  • Allow taking decisions on single tap as you can see real-time data of fever and where such fever is situated geographically so that you can make plans for quick actions.